Introducing NightShul at EMJC

A community of learners within Brooklyn’s progressive Jewish community
NightShul is East Midwood Jewish Center’s new adult learning community. NightShul meets almost every Thursday night from October through May, providing a wide range of learning opportunities each month. In addition to providing opportunities to learn, NightShul creates an opportunity for learners to meet and get to know other members of the community, people you might not meet otherwise.

Meet people, make friends, become a part of the community
Every NightShul meeting begins with a social hour before. Your NightShul admission includes wine and cheese and other refreshments, along with a chance to socialize, make friends, and build community.

Some weeks (as many as possible) we’ll get together again after learning for drinks, snacks, music and dancing. Sometimes the music will be live, sometimes recorded, but it will always be a party. NightShul’s after party will have an extra charge, more when the music is live, less when it’s recorded. Your first drink is included in the after-party charge.

Who is it for?
Simply, NightShul is for everyone in Brooklyn’s progressive Jewish Community. You don’t have to belong to a synagogue. You don’t have to believe any specific thing, pray in any particular way, or profess any particular political persuasion. It’s for young adults, seniors and everybody in between, in every generational cohort.

It’s a Jewish learning community, but you don’t have to be Jewish to love learning. We welcome those who are curious and open-minded. We especially welcome people whose significant other is Jewish and who want to know more of what it’s about.

What sort of commitment is required?
NightShul’s goal is to engage its learners in the process of learning. NightShul learning opportunities are mostly three weeks long, so that there is time to get involved in the subject at hand, and opportunity to reflect and bring back to your fellow learners the insights you have developed. We ask that learners commit to NightShul in three-week units.

Is it an East Midwood thing?
Well, yes and no. East Midwood Jewish Center founded NightShul and hosts it in their facility on Ocean Avenue at Avenue K, in the center of Brooklyn. We do hope some NighShul participants will find East Midwood to be their kind of place and consider joining. But we know East Midwood isn’t for everybody. We are an egalitarian Conservative Synagogue. If that’s not your cup of tea, that’s fine. Come to NightShul. Mix. Meet. You may very well find someone who will introduce you to exactly the congregation you’re looking for. And that will make us very happy.


Check our Events Calendar for the latest NightShul offerings.