Happenings at EMJC

An enthusiastic audience of all ages participated in our third annual Days of Awe Barrier-Free Service last Sunday. Thank you to Cantor Sam Levine, Rabbi Matt Carl, and Youth & Family Education Director Audrey Korelstein for leading this unique interpretation of the meaning of the High Holydays. As is usually the case at our special events, music took a central role. Our sensational “house band” was a family affair:Ben Lapidus, Teresita Levy, and their young sons Ari and Ilan Lapidus helped create memorable versions of Ein Keloheinu and the Mourner’s Kaddish in addition to backing up Cantor Levine throughout the service. We also thank Rachelle Grossman for her duet with Cantor Levine. More sounds of a different sort came from Randy Grossman and Joseph Pariente, who shared their knowledge about all things shofar.
Some of us then rushed over to the Flatbush Frolic, the annual neighborhood street fair on Cortelyou Road, to join other volunteers already stationed at the EMJC table. Our Frolic team members stayed busy as they engaged passersby with information about the variety of activities and programs at EMJC. We thank Dan and Ruth Shapiro plusMurray Lantner for taking a big lead on EMJC’s presence at the fair, and we also thank Gail Hammerman, Alyssa Katz, Steve Litwin, and Rebecca Wilchins.
Of course, the highlights of this week were Kol Nidre and the Yom Kippur Service (followed by a wonderful Break the Fast). Amazing, awesome, beautiful, inspiring, superb – the usual adjectives apply but don’t do justice to what our wonderful clergy, choir, staff and the many volunteers provided for us. Many thanks go to Audrey Korelstein, Joanne Riel, Rebecca Wilchins, Murray Lantner, and Gella Solomon, who created and led programs for children and teens, and to the many other volunteers who generously contributed in ways large and small.  President Toby Sanchez is creating a comprehensive thank you list – it’s long and impressive!
It was inspiring to see the many filled grocery bags taking up space near the entrance of our lobby on Kol Nidre. Nearly one hundred bags have thus far been collected for Our High Holiday Paper Bag Food Project! The bags will go to B’nai Raphael and Our Lady of Refuge food pantries. The food drive will continue until October 14, so there’s still time for you to bring in your donation.  Pick up an empty paper bag from the main office (be sure to read the teachings about Judaism and hunger that are stapled inside each bag) or just use a bag you already have on hand. Donations can be brought to the office or picked up from your home. Call Edith at 718-338-3800 for assistance.