Sisterhood Ends the Year on a High Note

As usual, May is a busy month for East Midwood’s Sisterhood. This year, the ever-exciting Loyalty Dinner honored Stephanie Kaner and Debbie Schechtman. Both are active members of Sisterhood and East Midwood Jewish Center itself. Once again, Ricky Pen provided a lively and entertaining program, encouraging one and all to participate. Aliza Avital and Cantor Sam Levine added their musical talents, singing the words of resident lyricist, Roz Pomerantz, who never ceases to amaze us with her songs of praise.

Shirley Strauss handled the seating arrangements as efficiently as always. Edith Maiman and her office staff handled every detail superbly. Anderson Waithe and his staff once again transformed the Grand Ballroom into a fairyland.

Finally, Frances Fischer did a magnificent job in organizing the entire evening and streamlining the raffle process.

Two days after Loyalty Dinner, Sisterhood once again took center stage as we conducted the annual Sisterhood Shabbat. Every aspect of the morning was handled by the women, from Ellen Levitt’s P’sukei D’zimra to Emily Pariente’s Adon Olam, sung to the tune of “My Yiddishe Mama” in honor of Mother’s Day. Aliza Avital chanted the Haftorah along with Amy Nitzky and Shereen Rosenthal and conducted musaf, accompanied by Marjorie Sanua. Judith Berman assisted in reading the Torah. Every member contributed an important part to the service, some reading in English, some chanting in Hebrew and others performing non-speaking roles.

Sisterhood Shabbat was followed by a Lunch & Learn featuring Seymour Kaplan, a retired teacher who was one of the first Ameri- can soldiers to liberate Dachau in 1945. He held the audience breathless as he talked about what he had seen and heard during this experience.