Thanks to our EMJC Community


Thanks to the very many of you who brought in your Trader Joe’s bags filled with packaged, canned, and non-perishable food donations for this year’s High Holiday Paper Bag Project.  The food has been delivered to the Our Lady of Refuge and the Bnai Raphael Food Pantries.  You took your own experience of hunger with a day of fasting on Yom Kippur and turned it into meaningful action to help those who experience food insecurity and hunger every day.  The hundreds of pounds of canned goods, pasta, cereal, and grain that were donated went to hungry people in our community.  You can continue to contribute to these food pantries throughout the year.  Bring food donations to Our Lady of Refuge Roman Catholic Church, 2020 Foster Avenue, and Bnai Raphael, 1741 McDonald Avenue.  Our community’s thoughtfulness and generosity enabled us to work together to begin to create meaningful change and to engage in tikkun olam and tzedakah. Thank you!

— Sally Hipscher