A Weekly Message from Rabbi Sam Levine 11.19.21

Nov. 18, 2021




Just a quick note this week to inform you of a wonderful program that we are co-sponsoring tomorrow night (Saturday night) at 8:00 PM (Zoom). We began a conversation last year about race in America and the position of the Jewish community in that discussion. This program, as the blurb below outlines, will explore the stories of Jews of Color and the unique situation that they find themselves in as they navigate their Jewish (or Jewish-adjacent) lives in a largely White community. This promises to be a wonderful (and important) program. TRUE COLORS is a LIVE performance (on Zoom). There will be a Q and A after the performance with the director and the performers. 


Here’s the blurb:


True Colors, a salon theatre show, tells disparate and riveting stories about Jews of Color. While all people face challenges and struggles, Jews of Color have many touching and unique stories to tell about resilience, self- respect, and celebrating the many colors and voices in our community. 


The stories in True Colors, ostensibly about Jews who feel “different,” actually remind us how very much alike we are. In True Colors, audiences will meet unforgettable characters who tell personal stories about how they see themselves and how others see them. Ironically, while many American Jews can reach consensus about a commitment to social justice for others, they do not always embrace diversity in their own community. The enlightening show will explore the impact of living as Jews of Color when inclusion and equity are not always practiced in the Jewish Community. 


You can join the program at this link:



Click on the image below to find the full program.