A Weekly Message from Rabbi Sam Levine 3.4.22

March 4, 2022



Please join us this Shabbat for another special service in which we will explore themes relating to human rights on the international stage and here in the United States. EMJC member and guest speaker Debbie Nathan will deliver some remarks on her work as a journalist at the southern border, and after the service we will continue the conversation with questions and comments for those who wish to dig in a little deeper.

This special Shabbat is particularly relevant now, as the situation in Ukraine unfolds and a significant refugee problem is emerging in Eastern Europe. It behooves us all to be aware of the plight of refugees, both here and abroad. Jews, historically the victims of so much displacement, are particularly attuned to this theme. Our own history as a refugee people, dating back to the time of the Exodus, has provided our tradition with a rich scriptural and liturgical pallet from which to learn, reflect, and draw texts. Our service this Shabbat will be augmented by readings from these and other international and American sources on the topic of refugees, immigrants, and human rights.

I hope to see you tomorrow.

Shabbat shalom um’vorach – a peaceful and blessed Shabbat.