It’s a Wrap – Fifth Annual East Midwood World Wide Wrap, Sunday, February 4

The Fifth Annual East Midwood World Wide Wrap took place on Sunday morning, February 4, as usual on Superbowl Sunday. Men’s Clubs across 6 continents organized this event to encourage people to lay tefillin. Over 10,000 individuals participated in total.

We demonstrated method of preparing to lay tefillin, starting with tallit and blessings, then the method of putting on tefillin with the appropriate brochot.  I told the students that putting on tefillin is a mitzvah, fulfilling the requirement to perform at least one mitzvah per day, pointing out the word mitzvah in the Shema.

The students stepped up to participate, starting with the student closest to Bat Mitzvah.  Then one by one, each student donned tefillin, said the brochot, said Shema Yisroel, and removed the tefillin in the proper order. Each student was presented with a certificate acknowledging their participation.

-Ed Guterman