Yo! We (W)rapped

The Third Annual East Midwood Jewish Center World Wide Wrap took place on Sunday morning, February 7, a prelude to Superbowl Sunday.

Mens Clubs across 6 continents organized this event to encourage people to lay tefillin.

We joined over 232 congregations, clubs, and gatherings participating in the Wrap, constituting over 10,000 individuals.  We encouraged:

-Those who never did

-Those who need a refresher in technique

-Those who are approaching Bar or Bat Mitzvah

Participation by EMJC members was nothing short of fantastic!  We had  women, one who never put on tefillin.  We had men who needed a refresher.  We had one pre-Bat Mitzvah girl who appreciated the opportunity to learn and participate in the mitzvah.

We instructed in the proper method of wrapping tefillin, the Brochot, saying the Sh’ma, and gave encouragement to continue performing the mitzvah.  We discussed offering to purchase tefillin through East Midwood.

Special thanks to Rabbi Matt Carl for his teaching, entitled “Binding Men and Women”.  His talk included the origins of the “men only” tradition of laying tefillin, contrasted with the story that Rashi’s daughters (or wife, reference obscure) put on tefillin.  Rabbi answered questions, discussed the recent events of The Women at the Wall,  and the differing opinions and traditions.

Between morning minyan and Rabbi’s talk, we had ample opportunity to nosh, bagels and an enhanced Kiddush.

Thanks to Randy and Toby for supporting and promoting the event, Kaddish and Mens Club for sponsoring the Kiddush, Audrey Korelstein for encouraging the pre Bar and Bat Mitzvah students to participate and the exciting graphic poster.

Special thanks to all those who participated.

Ed Guterman

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