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A Visit from the Tsedek Traveling Youth Choir (VIDEO)

  This past Monday, we enjoyed an evening of music, the “Celebration of Israel” concert, brought to us by the Tsedek Traveling Youth Choir. The choir was made of ten teenagers who sang for us in Hebrew and English and danced very professionally. Proceeds from the event were given to … READ MORE

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What’s New In the Locker Room

EMJC took advantage of a free National Grid Program, where their contractor, at no charge, installed low flow showerheads in the locker rooms and low flow faucet aerators were installed on compatible sinks in the school and synagogue buildings. (Note that our older faucets are not compatible with faucet aerators.) … READ MORE

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Messages From EMJC

By Rabbi Matt Carl

Healing Words

In my previous pulpit position, I worked with a rabbi who wouldn’t allow himself to be on the Mi SheBerakh list. No matter how ill he got (although, in the time I was there, he never got that ill) he would refuse to let his name be mentioned during the … READ MORE

By Rabbi Matt Carl

The Year Ahead

Among the most terrifying words a rabbi can declare from the bimah are “the new month of Elul begins in the coming week.” Every year I shake a little, taken aback by how soon that statement means the new year will be beginning. But, as a friend of mine would … READ MORE

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