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By Rabbi Matt Carl

A note from Rabbi Matt Carl on selling hametz

One odd responsibility of a congregational rabbi is often to act as the agent for the sale of congregants’ hametz. I am happy to fulfill this duty for everyone who endorses me with this form. Though I encourage you to eat through your hametz before Pesach, please feel free to … READ MORE


Coming Up at NightShul

Check out what is coming up at NightShul in April (16, 23, 30): Prayer and Poetry Pack a Punch: The Three Festival and High Holiday Liturgy with Cantor Sam Levine, History or Hagiography: The Rabbis’ biographies of themselves with Rabbi Matt Carl, and April 23rd only: Hebrew Chant: A spiritual approach to devotion with Lisa … READ MORE

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Messages From the Rabbi

By Rabbi Matt Carl

East Midwood Jewish Center is Not Our Past. It Is Our House.

[Remarks by East Midwood Jewish Center Rabbi Matt Carl on the occasion of EMJC’s 90th anniversary celebration, December 14, 2014.] Those of you who have belonged to wealthy synagogues in the suburbs may be familiar with the cycle of such shuls rebuilding, renovating and expanding their physical structure. We here in … READ MORE

By Rabbi Matt Carl

The Sweet in the Bitter Month

In the next few days, we will enter the month of מרחשחון (Marheshvan). In truth, the month is really called Heshvan, but there is a strong tradition to refer to it by the longer name. This tradition is so strong that when the month is announced in synagogue, as it was … READ MORE

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Hebrew School Hebrew School Class Schedule

Ages 5 to 9 - Sunday 9:30 – 11:15 am

Ages 9 to 13 - Sunday 9:30 – 12:30 pm & Tuesday 3:30 – 6:00 pm

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Please join our daily egalitarian minyan. For more information call Executive Director, Edith Maiman at (718)338-3800.

Shabbat & Minyan

Friday Night Service:

5:45 PM in the Beth Hamidrash

Shabbat Morning Services:

7:30 AM - Early service in the Beth Hamidrash

9:00 AM - Main service in the Sanctuary

Shabbat Afternoon Service:

5:45 PM In the Beit Hamidrash

Daily Morning Service:

Monday-Friday: in the Beit Hamidrash: 7:30 AM

Sundays and Legal Holidays: 8:00 AM

Daily Evening Services:

Sunday-Thursday: in the Beit Hamidrash: 7:30 PM