High Holy Day Services @ EMJC

High Holy Day Services @ EMJC


For information on Russian language services, click here.

To attend in-person services in the EMJC sanctuary, you MUST be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and able to provide proof of vaccination (either by COVID Vaccination Record Card or Excelsior pass). Anyone not vaccinated, including children, will not be allowed into the sanctuary. Children’s services will be available outdoors (information about children’s services will be sent separately).

When you purchase your tickets, please provide names and vaccination proof for everyone attending with you. Vaccination status must be verified by providing a clear scan or photo of a CDC vaccination card or Excelsior Pass documentation. To submit your proof of vaccination, please email a scan/photo of your document(s) to info@emjc.org. We will review and confirm by email.

Rabbi Sam’s Main Sanctuary services will offer both in-person and online viewing options; we’ll again be using Zoom and YouTube platforms. If you wish to be in the pews, it’s essential to know that only fully vaccinated adults and kids will be able to enter the Main Sanctuary. If that’s your family, great! Be sure to order your tickets and submit proof of vaccination for every participant.

Update on This Year’s Family Programming

If that’s not your family, then we hope you’ll join us for family programming in the courtyard. Early childhood educator Joanne Riel will return to EMJC to lead a lively program that focuses on the themes of RH and YK, little-kid style (babes-age five or so). There’ll be story, song, and interactive play. Joanne will be setting up around 9:45 am. Her program will begin promptly at 10:00 and will run for thirty minutes. Please note: this is not a drop-off! Every child needs an adult escort.

At 10:30, we’ll launch into our more formal Katan service. It’s good for kids up to about age eight or nine. EMJC parents Becky Phillips and Murray Lantner will again be our primary facilitators. The service will go until 11:15. Again, this is not a drop-off!

At 11:30, we’ll begin the older kids program. Here’s where we get to dig in with big questions and exchange ideas. Room J teacher Gabrielle Linchner and I will be the facilitators.

We’ll have apples, honey, challah, and grape juice on all days of RH as well as snacks for pre-b mitzvah age kids on YK. And, of course, there’ll be a shofar blowing.

I’m hoping to create a quiet play area on the other side of the courtyard so kids can remain nearby while programming that’s not for them is taking place.

Rabbi Sam will lead a congregational Tashlich program in the courtyard at 5:15 pm on Monday, RH I. Part of that will include more apples, more honey, more challah, and more shofar.

We’re going to need a lot of adult hands on deck to ensure these days go smoothly. I also know many families face some head-scratching in terms of how to honor our protocols, meet the needs of their kids, and address personal desires to be in the Main Sanctuary. I hope your frustrations are dwarfed by our excitement around coming together and recognizing we’re all doing the best we can.

Finally, please understand that by necessity, we’ve got to take a firm stance in the implementation of our safety guidelines. These are not the days for any kinds of mischief anywhere in the building or courtyard. There’ll be BimBoms, holiday parties, and goofy fun on other days. But for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we’re committed to providing age-appropriate programming and keeping everyone safe. We’re counting on everyone’s support.

If you’re organized, there are family tickets you can get in advance. We suggest $54.00 per family for our courtyard programming. Main Sanctuary attendees need tickets for that venue. If you walk-in day of, we’ll be happy to welcome you in the courtyard…and we hope you’ll make a donation later.

Please contact roomj@emjc.org with any questions.

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