A note from Rabbi Matt Carl on selling hametz

One odd responsibility of a congregational rabbi is often to act as the agent for the sale of congregants’ hametz. I am happy to fulfill this duty for everyone who endorses me with this form. Though I encourage you to eat through your hametz before Pesach, please feel free to avail yourself of this legal tradition, especially so that you can keep from wasting valuable items like liquor or items owned in bulk. Sold hametz should be kept in specially-designated areas where they won’t be accessed during Pesach, preferably out of sight (though technically they may be seen since the prohibition only applies to seeing “your” hametz and the hametz you have sold will belong to the buyer during Pesach.) Ideally you should note these areas on this form. You can and should sell hametz in any and all homes and/or businesses you own and/or in which you reside. Finally, I encourage you to make a donation to the synagogue representing each of the properties in which you are selling hametz to add to the honor of the holiday.

Thank you and an early Hag Kasher v’Sameah!

Rabbi Matt Carl