A Message from Rabbi Sam Levine: Donations update for Israel – erroneous information circulating

Donations update for Israel – erroneous information circulating:

I received this email today from a colleague, who received it from Rabbi Rebecca Sirbu, Executive Vice President of the Jewish Funders Network. In the chaos of the weekend and everyone’s overwhelming desire to help, some confusing misinformation has been circulating. Mainly, as you will read below, donations of materials for the IDF are not needed at this time. As of now, this is the situation. We will inform you if anything changes. In the meantime, please direct your much-needed donations elsewhere (see THIS LINK for many options).

You can read Rabbi Sirbu’s note below.

Rabbi Sam Levine

Hi all,

At the Jewish Funders Network (JFN) we are helping to coordinate donations to Israel. There is A LOT of erroneous information out there. For a list of vetted organizations that are in a position to help now see our website: https://www.jfunders.org/israel_crisis

Many people are collecting materials for the IDF. This is NOT needed. We just received this email from them:

Since the beginning of the war, large-scale efforts by the IDF’s Technological and Logistical Directorate have lead to the recruitment of over 360,000 reserve soldiers who are deployed in all different sectors around Israel. This is the largest draft in decades, which is leading to temporary delays in supply shipments, which are being dealt with presently.

All of the necessary equipment is available. We are familiar with the rising demands of all of our forces and are addressing them. The equipment provided for the recruited forces is in addition to the pre-existing stocks in the units.

The equipment is being delivered to units according to a previous determined priority chain in accordance with the various missions and their requirements.

The support that was both offered and delivered to the IDF has been overwhelmingly appreciated. The IDF, however, possesses all the necessary equipment for the operation.

As of this morning, the Technology and Logistics Directorate has been operating a call center attending to issues regarding food, equipment and logistics and is available 24/7 for members of the IDF via WhatsApp to the following number:


Documentation on the subject is attached: https://bit.ly/48JyAWJ

Photos on the subject are attached: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/ANC874334

Data on the subject is attached: https://did.li/UdICN

Information on the Technology and Logistics Department’s hotline is attached: https://did.li/ZFlIw

Thanks for all your help directing efforts in the best way possible! Please share this in your various rabbinic organizations and groups to combat erroneous and unnecessary work.

Rabbi Rebecca W. Sirbu

JTS 2000

Executive Vice President, Jewish Funders Network