A Weekly Message from Rabbi Sam Levine 5.7.2020

A Weekly Message from Rabbi Sam Levine 5.7.2020

When the archives of the Coronavirus era are opened, future generations will find a mass of information. News reports, medical updates, accounts of leadership failures and successes, economic analyses, the slow-motion unfolding of massive, lasting social change. But above all, they will find stories. Millions and millions of stories. Stories of heroism on … READ MORE

A Weekly Message from Rabbi Sam Levine 4.30.20

5.1.2020 This entry contains: Some words from Rabbi Sam The Week at EMJC in Review A few words about Ben Schaeffer Details about Yom Ha’atzma’ut programming this Sunday I heard my esteemed teacher, Dr. Yakir Englander, tell a story this week about his father.  Yakir comes from a Chassidic (Vizhnitzer) … READ MORE

A Weekly Message from Rabbi Sam Levine 4.23.20

Apr 23, 2020 Go, my people, enter your chambers, And lock your doors behind you. Hide but a little moment, Until the indignation passes. – Isaiah 26:20 Yehudit Berman pointed this verse out to me a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve had it on my desktop since then, and it’s … READ MORE

A Weekly Message from Rabbi Sam Levine 4.17.20

Dear friends, Now that this most unusual Passover is behind us, we settle into counting the days to Shavuot.  As I spoke about over the first days of Pesach, the counting has additional meaning this year – we’re counting toward the next holiday – z’man matan torateinu/the time of the … READ MORE

A Weekly Message from Rabbi Sam Levine 4.2.20

Apr. 3, 2020   Dear Friends,   By this time the reality of home confinement has begun to settle in.  In this hour of crisis, we have all begun to accept with resignation the changes that have been forced upon us as individuals and as families.  As a community, we … READ MORE

Passover information from the Rabbinical Assembly

Friends, You may find this guide helpful.  It is called: Kashrut Subcommittee Recommendations for Passover 5780 in Light of COVID-19 I am including the link here: https://www.rabbinicalassembly.org/story/kashrut-subcommittee-recommendations-passover-5780-light-covid-19 Or if you prefer, the full text of the document is below. Also, look for information about selling chametz in an email tomorrow. … READ MORE

A Weekly Message from Rabbi Sam Levine 3.26.20

Thursday, March 26 Friends, First of all, an important public service announcement: As happens in times of crisis, unscrupulous people are taking advantage of the Coronavirus health crisis to run scams on unsuspecting people.  Please beware (and be aware!) of scams and scammers – DO NOT GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION … READ MORE

An Important Message from President Michael F. Schwartz 3.16.20

Dear Members: As you know we have a special meeting of the membership scheduled for this Wednesday, at 7:30 p.m. at our synagogue.  Unfortunately, we cannot adjourn this meeting.  However, with our concern over our present coronavirus threat to our health and well being we have diligently attempted to distribute … READ MORE

An Important Message from Rabbi Sam Levine 3.16.20

Dear Friends, A few check-in items…  Here’s what you’ll find in this letter: Coronavirus hygiene and social separation reminder Update on Shabbat and other services, and sayingkaddish Calling all members and other volunteer opportunities Online services, programming, classes, etc. I APOLOGIZE FOR THE LENGTH OF THIS LETTER, BUT IT IS … READ MORE