Materials for There was Never a Silence to be Broken Loyalty and Criticism in Modern Israeli Literature with Rachel Korazim

As the season gets darker and darker…

We Jews and our non-Jewish neighbors are really obsessed with holidays this time of year. Between approximately the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice, Jewish and non-Jewish Americans have practically all our holidays, especially our better-known ones. As this season progresses, the holidays change. Here in Brooklyn, we feel it … READ MORE

Selichot: The Gateway to the Days of Awe

We usually think of the High Holy Days as being the period of time from Rosh Hashanah through the end of Yom Kippur – the Ten Days of Repentance. But in fact the season of the High Holy Days begins a full month earlier, with the New Month of Elul. … READ MORE

Wishing you all a meaningful month of Elul

The names of the Jewish calendar’s months have long been mysterious. In a couple cases (Heshvan and Av), there is some question as to whether the common calendrical name is a full name or a nickname (i.e. vs Marheshvan and Menahem Av, respectively). In other cases (namely Aviv/Nisan), the months’ names … READ MORE

Hope and strength in the face of bad news

Dear members and friends, As you may have heard, East Midwood recently received a hate-filled phone call. Please note: the caller did not claim to have placed a bomb in the building and the threat seems to have been vandalism-oriented, rather than violent. Ours was, therefore, different from most of the 100+ … READ MORE