A Friday Message from Rabbi Sam Levine 12.8.23

December 8, 2023   This week: Celebrate this special Shabbat with us – Cantor Adi Wyner!! A word about Chanukah   A very special Shabbat: I think everyone knows about the Hanukkah Hootenanny tomorrow night – if you haven’t bought tickets yet, don’t fret – you can buy them at … READ MORE

A Friday Message from Rabbi Sam Levine 12.1.23

December 1, 2023 A couple of nights ago, around 40 of us gathered together, on Zoom and in person, to discuss how we were processing the war in Gaza. I didn’t note it at the time, but looking back, the fact that we met nearly a week into the temporary … READ MORE

A Friday Message from Rabbi Sam Levine 11.17.23

November 17, 2023   I’m acutely aware of the balancing act that so many of us have been doing over the past 40 days or so. I, for one, am still grappling with the effect that the attack of Oct 7 has had on me; I can say with certainty … READ MORE

A Friday Message from Rabbi Sam Levine 10.27.23

October 27, 2023   A consistent theme in my messaging about the terrible situation in Israel and Gaza has been about locating, assessing, and holding on to our humanity in the face of the barrage of challenges to it. I have tried to stress that, at its core, our human … READ MORE

Sermon from Saturday, October 21, 2023

Friends, Some seventy or eighty of us met this past Wednesday night in a hybrid community gathering to discuss, express, and unpack the range of emotions we are having about the situation in Israel and Gaza. I think it was cathartic for many, even just to know that they are not … READ MORE

A Message from Rabbi Sam Levine: The War in Israel

October 10, 2023 The War in Israel This weekend has been a blur to many of us, and continues to be, unfolding shock and horror before our very eyes. No words could possibly express our feelings about this national nightmare for our people. We are witnesses to a dark chapter. … READ MORE

A Friday Message from Rabbi Sam Levine 10.6.23

October 6, 2023   Simchat Torah!! A call for reminiscences and recollections: the history project   Simchat Torah!! My rabbinic, cantorial, and synagogue-professional colleagues often use the word “grueling” to describe the fall holiday season. For most of us, the High Holy Days begin in July or August with our … READ MORE

A Friday Message from Rabbi Sam Levine 8.18.23

August 18, 2023 Today is Rosh Chodesh Elul, the beginning of the final month of the Jewish Year. I hope you had a chance to read Cantor Julia’s meaningful reflection on Elul and the Holy Days (it went out yesterday). She writes beautifully about the “process and… practice of touching, … READ MORE