Share the Care / Chesed Program

Share the Care / Chesed Program

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EMJC’s Share The Care / Chesed Program

We’re expanding our volunteer team to help more people!

Sign Up To Volunteer: or 718-338-3800

  • Tell us your name, what skills you have, how you would like to help, and when you are available. You will get a call or email from our volunteer coordinator letting you know what you can do.

  • Weekly, monthly, or seasonally: whatever time you can commit to do such things as call someone who is ill or unable to go out, send a card, visit at home, hospital or rehab facility, do an errand, provide a ride to an appointment, go shopping, take someone for a short walk, provide a meal, help with mail, and other small, but effective ways to help another person.   

Let us know of people who need help:

Our care of one another depends on being kept informed about our community.

Please tell us if there is someone in your circles of family and friends who could use some help. Confidentiality is respected. You can also contact:

Rabbi Cantor Sam Levine:

Faye Wilbur, LCSW-R, our social worker from the Jewish Board of Family and Children Services 212-632-4487 or

Spread the word and share information with people in your circles about what we are trying to set up. This is how we can really get lots of helping hands and share the care!